A Quick Info About Aayush!

Aayush Verma is a Young aspiring theoretical mind, he is a keen researcher now, particularly in Quantum and Relativistic Physics.

I am now a Quantum Researcher. I have two published research papers first on Anti Sound Travel which after several fail attempts got finally accepted. My recent work on “What actually happens in free fall?” uncovered many question , but the equation is still checking by me. R-V Frame is another concept of me, in which I describe what is relation between Real and Virtual Frames.

I am also a blog-writer who explain complex to simple, so better you check it out if you want to become a physicist or normal for Physics interest. You can check My blog in this site by going to Blog Feed.

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  • Why Quantum Physics seems absurd?

    5th Oct 2019 by

    Quantum Physics, a completely different way to look and understand the universe. We don’t now look at matter, we look at particles, we don’t look at particles, we look at waves, we don’t look at waves, we look at wave-packets. Established by great physicists Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Schrondinger, deBroglie, Compton, Klein, Dirac, Feynman, Heisenberg,… Read more

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I am a theoretical person, so likes to develop equations and mathematics, in fact I have my own set of some series theorem which is not publicly released. I am now working for almost two years to prove my equation of Sound Travel with almost perfect satisfactory.

I am also a book-writer, I have my own book on Anti Sound Travel, and I am also a book worm to be honest.

While Mathematics and Physics seems to be complex, I like to delivers My knowledge with my colleagues in a very better decent language, which makes me to like the professorship.

Currently A Statement of Aayush on String Theory:

“Why we only think other hidden dimensions as distance scales, we can analog them with better quantum level physics, like we did it with time.

Working on hidden dimension, I am now working on Energy System of a Body.


Anti Sound Travel

This is a pre edition of Anti Sound Travel. This book contains the thesis of Weight Travel and photon infinity. Both theories are newly introduced in science arena. Weight Travel Proof is given and Photon Infinity proved that photons are massless by mathematical magic.

You can buy it from this link – Click Here to Buy

Young Journey

First Academic Year

First Research Paper on Anti Sound Travel in December 2018

Book Published in February 2019 (Anti Sound Travel)

Youngest Scientist Honour in April 2019

Winner of Yuvika in March 2019

No Collab Projects till now

End of First Academic Year – 11 September 2019 11:59 PM

Second Academic Year

Started Second Academic Year From 12 September 2019