Solar Reflector Satellites Vs Artificial Sun. Which is good for Mars?

It’s nice to hear about nuclear weapons and nuclear science. And if you don’t about new idea of using nuclear weapons in Science, which I will discuss here, then the question is “Where are You?”

For the members who don’t know about Elon Musk new insane idea (Although he was not the first man to discuss) of nuking mars. Let me first introduce it to you.

Credit Mirror.Co.Uk

Mars has glacial temperature, it is about – 80 Fahrenheit (-62 Celsius), which is impossible for human living. That’s mean our dream to settle up in Mars gets a obstacle of temperature. So basically first of all we have to physically warm that area, to make living there we have to heat up that area. Elon Musk and SpaceX who have their goal to set up humans civilization on Mars, announced to nuke mars.

Practically this term means using the nuclear fusion explosions to normalize or warm the atmosphere. Aftermath of this going to create a lot of radiation and heat on mars (Probably by creating a source energy). It would not complete the problem however it will going to normalize a little bit of cold.

For that we need a big amount of fuel and carrying fuel from Earth is going to little costly. And after all nuking mars seems to be a insane idea.

The Change of Plan

On Tuesday, Elon Musk again tweeted about Mars,

We should also see what he was exactly saying about ‘nuking mars’,

You can see the exact meaning of that words, that it was not storming or bombarding of bombs on mars rather than creating a artificial suns that would produce some heat to mars.

By Elon’s tweets we can see that the plan has changed, now the idea is of placing thousand of solar reflector satellites to warm mars rather than creating sun.

Solar Reflector Satellites is like a solar mirror which first collect the energy and then reflect to a particular target. That will help mars to get much more radiation and heat from outer space and to become a place of us.

Now it seems some reasonable and some steady idea that is good for mars as well as for us. Now challenge is for us to normalize the space of mars and Elon’s idea is a good step for Mars and Us!

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