Gravitational Force and Graviton vs Electromagnetic Force and Photon

We will cover up two of four forces of universe, both classically and quantum description.

The four forces are :

  1. Gravitational Force
  2. Electromagnetic Force
  3. Strong Nuclear Force
  4. Weak Nuclear Force

The first one is gravitational force. This force is universal and attractive. This is weakest force as compare to other three forces. But the evolution of universe is only possible because this force. The attraction between heavy bodies is just possible because this, otherwise imagine a floating universe that is likely to be ridiculous. But this force is long range as compare to others.

If we look at gravitation force with the view of quantum mechanics, we can say gravitational force is carried by the graviton particle, however it is not yet proved. This particle has spin 2 and has no mass of it own. This is a virtual particle that carry force, because it has not mass it is possible to prove that it is long ranging force. Exchangeable force between graviton results in this attractive force.

However this graviton theory is yet to prove.

The second one is electromagnetic force, which was the result of combination of electric field and magnetic field by Maxwell. This force is for electrical charges particles like electron. It is a million million million million million million million times bigger than gravitational force.

The basics are same charge repel each other and opposite charges attract each other with electromagnetic force. Quantum View of this, the particle which carry this force photon, a long research on this was officially by Max Plank, Einstein and many more.

This particles are massless of spin 1. These are virtual particles which carry these force, however this is very strong but don’t have any specific role in evolution of universe.

Well that’s of it, the another two will be discussed in next blog.

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