#1 | Identify This Phenomena | Thursday Physics Problem

Hello, Hope You are loving Physics, because Physics Works.

In this blog I am going to start something interesting for those who are solution finder. Ohh I think we should begin this without any boring writing.

As this is phenomena finding question, you have to answer what the exactly thing and physics is happening here. I will show you a picture which you can see when you will scroll. So let’s first see the image.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is ring_lewin.jpg
Picture taken by Walter Lewin. Featured on apod.nasa.gov

Let’s see what the question is, so basically this is a picture by Prof. Walter Lewin taken in MIT ground, notice a ring of some rainbowish color and bright light in middle. So you have to say what exactly was going there, you have to name this phenomena. Just see the image and respond your mind. Well this is tough one.

Well this is of 13 September 2004 image, but that’s not the matter.

Let’s look at the quiz rules and submission process.List

  • You have to submit your answer before Wednesday, because on Thursday another problem will launch.
  • You can submit your answer in the comments of this blog or avidianspace@gmail.com
  • You have to submit your answer in words not numerically
  • The correct answer and winner name will be featured in my next Thursday Quiz
  • You can’t do multiple answers submission

Try to answer in less than 25 words, of course you can name this in one word.

See you Sunday

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