The Successor of Hubble Telescope! James Webb Space Telescope

You may know about Hubble, well a very great soul in astronomers. A telescope named after him, which was launched into low orbit of Earth in 1990 and still in operation.

Hubble constant, Cluster finding, basically for cosmic origins spectrograph, it is in use. But NASA is here with a successor of Hubble Telescope, Claiming a good successor for this telescope.It’s name is James Webb Space Telescope. Well facts says that it has big mirror than of Hubble’s. A wide range of wavelength capturing with (0.6-27 μm) which is of course helpful for observing redshifts.

Well it is composed of 18 hexagonal mirror segments which combine to create a 6.5-meter diameter mirror. It is a collaboration of NASA (American Space Agency), ESA (European Space Agency) And Canadian Space Agency.

James Webb Telescope

For Fact, Hubble was contribution of NASA, ESA and Space Telescope Science Institute, another fact James Webb is in delay for 12 years. And is scheduled for 30 March 2021.

It claims that the tennis-court-sized James Webb Space Telescope will be able to see seven times further than the Hubble Space Telescope, capturing more concise pictures of the deep universe.

If we estimate cost then facts claims that it is $10 Billion. Well that’s a good price, if you know money value. Well it is finally fully assembled, well we can say that Engineer and Scientist have given their full work for this thing that’s why it took countless hours to ready this.

“The engineering team has accomplished a huge step forward and soon we will be able to see incredible new views of our amazing Universe.”
(Note, I don’t know what is the source for this comment)

Well let me first clear your misconception here, which i also had, that it’s going to replace Hubble?

No of course not, it is an upgrade, while Hubble captures optical and ultraviolet wavelengths, James Webb will capture the universe in infrared.

SpaceCraft Bus Model

Now current status is all parts have been integrated but wires work is in process.

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