Why Quantum Physics seems absurd?

Quantum Physics, a completely different way to look and understand the universe. We don’t now look at matter, we look at particles, we don’t look at particles, we look at waves, we don’t look at waves, we look at wave-packets.

Established by great physicists Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Schrondinger, deBroglie, Compton, Klein, Dirac, Feynman, Heisenberg, Gordon, David Bohm, Born, Rydberg, Satyendra Nath Bose, Jordon, Ehrenfest, Pauli, Quantum Physics is not any usual model of physics, it is weird, it’s not invented, it is still not complete, but it is the best way to observe the evoluted universe.

A short picture of a short picture of Quantum Physics.

You may heard about, Pauli Exclusion Principle, Entaglement, Uncertainities and may have gave them a innocent face. Because these topics are far beyond Newtonian Physics, but Newtonian Physics is still the best ever known method to observe universe at a big scale.

We all know Quantum Physics is all about particles, wave, their energy level, their uncertainities, their probability, their current, their expections, but we don’t know exactly are these all true or not. It is not possible to conducts some experiments that gives a question mark with unsatisfaction and leads us to loss the determinism. Although we have done very great experiments like Double Slit, the favourite of thousands quantum physicists, Elitzur-Vaidman Bombs and so on.

But the weirdness arrives where we get our statistical interpretation and Born’s rule. I hope you are a quantum physics graduate, it don’t let us to know where and how the particle is doing, if we get to know that wave function get the value at A, next time we get B or C, we don’t know, this is Copenhengen Interpretation.

Actual weirdness arrives when we get to know that one particles from point A to point B have all infinite paths that it takes, that’s means one particle is at Mumbai but at the same time New York, London, Cambridge, Dubai and so on, well this is called Feynman’s Sum over History.

Well there are many weirdness but still many physicist are pioneers of Quantum Physics because it lets physicist to actually see what is not happening or not see what is happening, and that’s a challenge for physicist. We have String Theory, Schrondinger-Newton Approach, Macroscopic Quantum Quantization that is still not proven, and that’s the challenge.

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