About Me

Aayush aka Dred

Author and Editor of Avidian Space

Aayush is a 15 year boy who has keen enthusiasm in Science especially in Physics in field of Astrophysics and Quantum Field. Aayush is author of his patent thesis which is Anti Sound Travel. This Avidian Space has been created on 3 August 2019 by Aayush to show his work and his ideas to public.

Aayush is from India, from state Bihar and currently a 10th Class Student. Aayush has also passion on Computers so better sure you don’t miss his Computer’s blog also.

Blog’s on this space –

Physics Exploration

Computer’s Explanation

Research Papers Advice

Researches Ideas


  • Every Sunday Ongoing Series Blog
  • Every Thursday Brief Explanatory Blog

Personally Handled and operated by Aayush Verma

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