Why Quantum Physics seems absurd?

Quantum Physics, a completely different way to look and understand the universe. We don’t now look at matter, we look at particles, we don’t look at particles, we look at waves, we don’t look at waves, we look at wave-packets. Established by great physicists Max Planck, Neils Bohr, Schrondinger, deBroglie, Compton, Klein, Dirac, Feynman, Heisenberg,Continue reading “Why Quantum Physics seems absurd?”

Why Chandrasekhar Limit matters in Astrophysics!

Hey, if you are active in space, then you may know about Black Holes and Dwarfs, then you may heard about Chandrasekhar Limit, well if you don’t then after this reading you will so Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was one of best mind from India, he was a physicist, who figured out what the maximum mass ofContinue reading “Why Chandrasekhar Limit matters in Astrophysics!”

#2 | ψ(x,0) is real or imaginary! | Quantum Mechanics Problem | Thursday Physics Problem

#2 Problem on Quantum Mechanics | Solution on #1 Problem | Question is you have a plain wave at t = 0 , that’s why ψ(x,0), so this is our wave function, so the problem is that is ψ(x,0) is real or imaginary.

The Successor of Hubble Telescope! James Webb Space Telescope

You may know about Hubble, well a very great soul in astronomers. A telescope named after him, which was launched into low orbit of Earth in 1990 and still in operation. Hubble constant, Cluster finding, basically for cosmic origins spectrograph, it is in use. But NASA is here with a successor of Hubble Telescope, ClaimingContinue reading “The Successor of Hubble Telescope! James Webb Space Telescope”

#1 | Identify This Phenomena | Thursday Physics Problem

Hello, Hope You are loving Physics, because Physics Works. In this blog I am going to start something interesting for those who are solution finder. Ohh I think we should begin this without any boring writing. As this is phenomena finding question, you have to answer what the exactly thing and physics is happening here.Continue reading “#1 | Identify This Phenomena | Thursday Physics Problem”

Solar Reflector Satellites Vs Artificial Sun. Which is good for Mars?

It’s nice to hear about nuclear weapons and nuclear science. And if you don’t about new idea of using nuclear weapons in Science, which I will discuss here, then the question is “Where are You?” For the members who don’t know about Elon Musk new insane idea (Although he was not the first man toContinue reading “Solar Reflector Satellites Vs Artificial Sun. Which is good for Mars?”

5 Astrophysics Book recommendation for Beginners

It’s third Sunday of the month and it’s time for some different taste. If you are a keen follower of science and also a book worm, then congratulations this blog is going to live by you. A Brief History of Time The First one is A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking, a famousContinue reading “5 Astrophysics Book recommendation for Beginners”

Unification of Quantum World and General Relativity. String Theory Possible or not. String Theory Predictions.

Unified Theory that was the main aim of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and many more physicist. But now we have a theory that unifies the two pillars of Physics that are General Relativity and Quantum Field Theory, although for this matter physics avids are distributed between one who support this theory and another who rejectContinue reading “Unification of Quantum World and General Relativity. String Theory Possible or not. String Theory Predictions.”

The Dot Product. Use of this in maxwell’s equations.Vector Multiplication S01 B02

Dot product which seems like ‘⋅’ this and n normal vector which have two triangle side type figure in it’s head, so what exactly this means, what is the application of this small mathematical operators. If these are your questions then you are on the right place, Hey Avidian Let’s Start. In our previous sessionContinue reading “The Dot Product. Use of this in maxwell’s equations.Vector Multiplication S01 B02”

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