The Successor of Hubble Telescope! James Webb Space Telescope

You may know about Hubble, well a very great soul in astronomers. A telescope named after him, which was launched into low orbit of Earth in 1990 and still in operation. Hubble constant, Cluster finding, basically for cosmic origins spectrograph, it is in use. But NASA is here with a successor of Hubble Telescope, ClaimingContinue reading “The Successor of Hubble Telescope! James Webb Space Telescope”

#1 | Identify This Phenomena | Thursday Physics Problem

Hello, Hope You are loving Physics, because Physics Works. In this blog I am going to start something interesting for those who are solution finder. Ohh I think we should begin this without any boring writing. As this is phenomena finding question, you have to answer what the exactly thing and physics is happening here.Continue reading “#1 | Identify This Phenomena | Thursday Physics Problem”

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